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A Journey to the IMO

The purpose of this document.

In July 2021, Yuvraj Sarda represented Nepal at the prestigious International Math Olympiad (IMO). He  was awarded the Honorable Mention. Here is what he writes:

However, as I reflect upon my journey, I realise that there were many other talented and diligent individuals who should’ve made it, but got left out. I think it was due to the absence of good guidance on the internet. To fill this vacuum, I’ve created a document collating my experience and learnings. I hope it proves useful.

The contents of this document:

This document has 3 sections. In section 1, I detail my journey through the various selection stages uptil the IMO. Then in section 2, I take you through an IMO problem, how I thought about it and how my thinking morphed into a good solution. Finally, in section 3, I discuss different preparation strategies, what worked for me, and what didn’t.

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